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SPIE | Breepark Breda | 5000+ visitors

Staff events are the magical moments when corporate culture comes to life. SPIE also recognized the value of this and went big.


Together with Eventz, we organized a large family day at Breepark in Breda on June 3, 2023. The purpose of the celebration was to honour and thank the staff. An incredible turnout of almost 5,000 people made the day full of enjoyment, entertainment, and quality time spent with friends and family.


Leading technical service provider SPIE Netherlands focuses on energy, communication, mechanical, and electrical engineering. At SPIE, mobility is important to everything. In 2022, they introduced the tagline, "Together, we bring so much into motion."


Both children and adults spent the entire day having fun in the House of Movement thanks to the combination of food, entertainment, games, and education, as well as while enjoying the warm summer weather. Normally you would welcome friends to your home, but sadly SPIE's office is too small to accommodate so many visitors. As a solution we built the House of Movement and the Garden of Movement in order to provide all SPIE staff members and their families a sense of "coming home".

Curious what Marc van Laere productions can do for you? Feel free to drop us a message or come by, for a meeting at our drawing board. 

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