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Read more about MARC and what makes us unique. We help you organize events that people will talk about for a long time.


Marc van Laere event agency


Over the past two decades, MARC has developed into a leading events and entertainment agency within the Dutch market. We specialize in creating unparalleled corporate events, memorable private parties, impactful conferences and outstanding entertainment. With us, every event becomes a unique experience.


We are committed to collaboration. For more than twenty years we have been bringing together the best advertising agencies, technical suppliers, caterers and venue managers to create the most extraordinary experiences. Our concepts are created at the drawing board, where our best ideas and solutions are forged. We work with our customers to develop creative plans for conferences, product presentations and corporate events. From concept to implementation, we guide both our customers and our vision, turning a concept into a full-fledged experience.

We are inspired by the most unique artists, innovative techniques and the latest trends in culinary experiences. In this way we create events that will remain in the memory of your visitors for a long time.

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Marc van Laere creative producer

“Discover the unforgettable experiences of MARC. We offer all-in-one solutions by working with the best suppliers, caterers and venue owners.”


/ Creative producer

 Marc van Laere entertainment for grand openingshow building


With our long history, we have grown into a creative events agency filled with experience, innovative ideas, enthusiasm and expertise in the field of event organization.


Whether you are looking for support in organizing your event, arranging entertainment, or developing a complete concept: we are ready to create events that will be remembered for a long time.

After his pioneering years with Arjan van Dijk, Marc started Marc van Laere Producties in 2000. Since then, our events agency has developed in the field of creative concept development, unique entertainment, special artists and overall experience.


MARC has grown into more than just Marc himself. Together with a passionate and creative team, we work on developing the most beautiful events and concepts, both in the Netherlands and abroad. We bring together the most enthusiastic and driven suppliers for every event. We believe in co-creation, where our network and the customer's network come together.

Our concepts start at the drawing board, where we work with our customers on creative ideas for their corporate events or private parties. At Marc, we prioritize close co-creation with customers and partners with every event. This commitment has led to MARC being awarded the Golden Giraffe in 2017 for the best internal corporate event.

Marc van Laere organizing corporate events with charity
Marc van Laere organizing corporate event Syndion
Marc van Laere openingshow for corporate event Sligro


MARC offers you the complete experience, from A to Z. With the courage to approach things differently and a network of top-class partners in the industry, we deliver unique events and artists.

We always maintain control over our productions, so that the result always meets our high standards. We share our scripts with our clients and work closely within budget, so that we get the most out of every event. Our efforts make the difference between an event consisting of separate elements and YOUR event: a complete production that will be talked about for a long time.


When Marc was still a little boy he wanted to become a circus director. Entertainment was in his blood. When he founded his artist and events agency twenty years ago, it was obvious that artists would play a central role within MARC.

Every day we are looking for special talent for for our events. As a result, we have built a network with exclusive, unique acts that fit seamlessly with any event or party. This network includes both well-known and emerging artists, with acts ranging from standout shows to custom performances. Think of a wonderful combination of (air) acrobats, singers and musical entertainment. We are ready to make your event complete.

At MARC we distinguish ourselves with special dinner concepts, acrobatic performances and various collaborations with artists from home and abroad.

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Marc van Laere business event agency
Marc van Laere organizing corporate events


Curious about what MARC can add to your event? Contact us or sit down with us at our drawing board for a brainstorm or conversation. Together we will work on unique, meaningful and inspiring events that meet your goals and expectations. Your story is our creative challenge.

Marc van Laere corporate events and private parties


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Curious what MARC can do for you? Contact us and find out how MARC can take your event to the next level. Be welcome at our workplace in the 'Meet and C' office building near the train station in Gorinchem.

Thank you for contacting us!

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