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Over the past 20 years we have organised our fair share of corporate parties – delivering both A to Z event solutions and partial productions: together with our team of driven event professionals we proudly boast a portfolio of surprising and eye-catching corporate events.

Clearly, we’ll be equally delighted to help you organise a successful corporate event. First, we discuss with you the nature of the occasion and what you want to achieve. We believe that your people are your greatest asset. Together we look for ways to nurture that human capital and get the best out of them. By working closely together with you as our client and harnessing our respective networks, we make sure your corporate event has the biggest impact.


Curious to find out what Marc van Laere productions can do for you? Contact us or visit us for a chat at the drawing table. 


The cases below illustrate the unique nature of our internal and external events. Key ingredients in all our events are communication and atmosphere. Together with our client we look for fun ways to achieve their goals. 

Inerne cases
Zakelijk evenement organiseren
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