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Loco Enzo | Conference | 700 visitors

Organizing a big conference during Carnaval? That seemed like a great opportunity to push the boundaries of what is ‘normal’. And that is exactly what we did during the 11th edition of the ADG conference - with a well fitting theme: The Madhouse.

Although ADG’s conferences are always out of the ordinary, they challenged us to surpass the expectations and make this edition even more striking. Commissioned by Loco Enzo, MARC was responsible for the entertainment, including a banging opening show and a collective HAKA with the complete audience.

In hindsight the visitors rated this conference an 8.7/10 - an extraordinarily high rate for a conference! We at MARC are super proud of this of course.

Curious to find out what Marc van Laere productions can do for you? Please contact us for a chat at the drawing table.


Curious what Marc van Laere productions can do for you? Take Contact join us for a discussion at the drawing board. 

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