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Evenementenbureau  voor zakelijke evenementen en privefeesten



In 20 years Marc van Laere productions has grown into a creative event agency with tons of experience, inventive ideas, enthusiasm and knowledge in the field of event organization.

Are you looking for support in organizing, arranging entertainment during your event or for a complete concept: we help you to organize an event that is guearanteed to be remembered.


After his pioneering years with Arjan van Dijk, Marc founed his company Marc van Laere productions in the year 2000. In 20 years, this event agency has continued to grow in the area of creative concept creation, stimulating live communication, unique entertainment, special artists and allround experience.


With this experience, Marc van Laere productions belongs to the top of the market of Dutch event agencies.


As the years went by, Marc as an event organiser and concept creator, developed further in the business. Soon Marc van Laere productions became more than Marc on is own. Nowadays Marc van Laere productions conists of a driven team. Together we bring the most fun and talented professionals together to create event inland and abroad.

With two decades of experience we have build a broad network with the best partnerships in the area of locations, catering and advertisement. We believe in co-creation between our network and the network of our client.


Therefore most of our concept are made at the draw board together with our client and partners. Together we come up with the most creative ideas for corporate events, private parties, live communication and entertainment.


All our events guarantee co-creationg with the client and partners and groundbreaking acting and thinking. Thanks tot his effort, Marc van Laere productions won the Gouden Giraffe of 2017 for the best internal corporate event.

For example, our concepts often start together at the drawing board. Together with our customer we build on the most creative ideas for company parties, private parties, live communication and entertainment.


Marc van Laere productions takes care of your event from A to Z. With the guts to do things a little different and the network with the best partners in the industry, we create distinguished events and artists.


At Marc van Laere productions we guarantee the result: the final result of our productions is always in our own hands.

Moreover we share the different steps of the concept with our clients and work according tight budgetting to create the ultimate return on your event. Our input will create the difference between loose parts and YOUR EVENTS: an overall production which people will talk about for a very long time.

Curious what Marc van Laere productions can do for you? Feel free to drop us a message or come by, for a meeting at our drawing board. 

Evenementen case



Amphia Hospital, Boskalis Netherlands, Peka Kroef, VNSG, BrandLoyalty International, Syndion, Municipality of Gorinchem, Nissan, Wageningen University, Leaseplan, C&A Netherlands, ABS All Break Systems, Allseas Group, Jumbo Supermarkets, Allianz Netherlands, Stichting Spieren voor Spieren, Gabson.  

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