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Spieren voor Spieren Foundation  |  Fundraiser |  400 guests 

For the "Spieren voor Spieren Gala", we have sought out creative ways to raise as much money as possible through playful actions combined with humor. Traditionally, the auction was the main highlight of the evening, but there were also spectacular prizes to be won during the lottery. During this magnificent gala, an impressive total of €2,025,850 was raised. This money will be used to achieve faster diagnosis and treatment for children with muscle diseases.

We are proud to have been a partner in the conceptual creation and production for many years. The combination of an auction and a lottery, along with surprising entertainment in a wonderful atmosphere, make this gala one of the more successful fundraising galas of the year. All in all, we can conclude that this creative approach to organizing a charity gala and the determination of Spieren voor Spieren have paid off.

Curious what Marc van Laere productions can do for you? Feel free to drop us a message or come by, for a meeting at our drawing board. 

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