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Sligro Food Group | 400 visitors | Evenementenhal Veghel

Sligro has been know to take good care of its staff. This was emphasized once again during the Jubilee evening in de Evenementenhal in Veghel, where Sligro Food Group thanked its jubilees in a special way for their loyalty to the company.


Employees who have been with the company for 12.5 / 25 / 40, and 50 years were treated to a festive evening by Sligro at the Evenementenhal with a Hollywood theme. The jubilees were invited with their partners, and we, Marc van Laere Productions, were responsible for the production and entertainment program. The event perfectly matched the theme and the target audience. It ended up being a great event and the jubilees were celebrated in a surprising and special way.

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