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L-founders of loyalty  |  Online & hybride event

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How do you organize an international conference in the middle of COVID-19? With this question we were put to work by L-Founders of Loyalty, and with a wonderful event as a result.


L-Founders of Loyalty is a new company in the retail loyalty niche. In October 2020 she launched her new name in a spectacular way. The founders, as all 170 employees are referred to, were introduced to their colleagues from Sydney to Brazil for the first time, live and digitally. On this day they were included in positioning, culture and strategy. And the most exciting thing: the new name!


Despite all the limitations that COVID-19 brought with it, it was the fervent desire of L-Founders of Loyalty to create as much connection as possible during the event. In line with L-Founder’s innovative character, a hybrid event was therefore chosen; physically where possible and live via a video link in direct contact with colleagues all over the world.  

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