MARC manages total event production from A to Z. 

We are independent and can bring in location operators, caterers, styling specialists and tech support, all of the same calibre of enthusiasm as ourselves. We guarantee a great end-result because we maintain production control. In addition, we strictly monitor the budgets and provide our clients with insight into the project protocol. Our approach gives an extra something, elevating the event above a loose collection of separate parts, to one coherent whole: a total production.

"Marc brings the best and most inspiring participants together."





Amphia Ziekenhuis, Boskalis Nederland, Peka Kroef, VNSG, BrandLoyalty International, Syndion, Gemeente Gorinchem, Nissan, Wageningen University, Leaseplan, C&A Nederland, ABS All Break Systems, Allseas Group, Jumbo Supermarkten, Allianz Nederland, Stichting Spieren voor Spieren, Gabson. 

van Laere Producties

Stationsweg 29, 4205 AA Gorinchem 
+31 183 64 88 26 

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